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We can hope that Issa's investigators and staffers are working hard to put together a whole picture here. DOJ is going to hold ATF at arm's length while holding their collective noses, claiming that it was "within ATF" and DOJ wasn't in on the details.
(Well, except for U.S. Attorneys Lanny Breuer, Burke, and Hurley)

Like Iran-Contra, Issa may be well advised to serve a subpoena on the DOJ's data-center to preserve emails and to print out all related emails, meeting agendas and electronic meeting calendars. These may be enough to provide the "smoking gun" (pun intended) that DOJ knew of the program.

Let's hope their continued attempts to cover up, misdirect and obfuscate are as clumsy and as transparent as the WaPo article. If so, by the time Issa convenes the 3rd set of hearings, the only question will be if Holder is roasted or crispy BBQ'd before it's over.
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