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I have to jump in on this one. I've used both and now use the new version EXCLUSIVELY because I like it that much. I made one tiny mod and that was to use my pocket knife to make a couple of passes on the left edge of the top cover hole ... just because I felt it needed a bit more relief.

I have a 3/8" hole in the top of my bench and stick the handle end in it. Then I tip the unit directly away from me at about 30-45 degrees. Then it's just prime away ... I can run about 15-20 and then just tilt the unit upright, tilt it to the right to reload the feed track, bring it back to upright and tilt it away from me again and go right back at it. I've time studied this and can do 50 rounds in just a shade over 4 minutes.

If I have a problem with mis-alignment, it's either a shell holder fit problem or a too-tight primer pocket or one with insufficient relief on the rim of the primer pocket ... I call it a hard edge. Just use your tool for removing military crimps ... or just fudge it with your inside chamfer tool.

All priming operations can be made more difficult by badly fitting shell holders and this comes from most manufacturers wanting to make as few different ones as required. The result is that there is sometimes a too-wide a range of tolerances which causes the primer pocket to be oriented off center. I have now loaded probably 8,000 rounds this year with my new units (I have one for large and one for small primers) and after a brief learning curve, it's just ducky. I reload calibers as small as 25 ACP to as large as 577-450 (and wish I could use it for those big calibers as well) and as common as 30-06 to as obscure as 276 ENFIELD (for a P-13 Troop Trials rifle). I like the fact that the cover STAYS ON ... something the older units had a problem with after the locking tabs started wearing. I have NO issues with the handle not returning so I can't comment on that. I also like that I can dump 50 primers at a time and NOT have some just barely miss the edge of the round tray!

I'm tempted to post that you guys who have the new units and hate them ... send me a PM and I'll give you my address ... and if you send me your unit I'll send you $10 plus shipping.

To sum up, I do think this unit is an improvement. I have no more trouble seating primers properly with this one than with the older unit and I'm not some big bruiser. Some people complain that you have to buy "special" shell holders ... OK ... yes you do. However, that has not been an issue for me (a shell holder is generally not that expensive) and I have made some custom ones for my need for better fit by finding who makes one that fits right and then turn off the stud and slightly chamfer the back inside edge of the thru-hole. That special set stays with that caliber's die set.
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