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TGSCOM, the site to be specific is one of the worst dealings I've had of any type to this day. Long story short, when I ordered, I was promised my item was in stock. A while later, I check and their website shows out of stock. I called and was told that my item was backordered for an indefinite amount of time.

I canceled my order, and was charged a restocking fee, which came out to about $95. They didn't have to "re-stock" anything as it never left them in the first place. I called and complained, it did nothing. I filed a complaint with my bank, and TGSCOM sent them someone else's order info, and my bank obviously didn't even look at the paperwork.

TGSCOM still has $95 of MY money that I will never get back. The best I can hope to do is lose them as much money as possible by letting you guys know what kind of business they run.

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