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I point the gun down range and slowly squeeze the trigger with my eyes closed holding the gun as far away from my face as possible. If it goes bang, the bullet doesnt jam, and my gun is untouched then I consider that a successful load

Or Option B. Hey bud. Try out my gun. Oh no its ok use my ammo

I kid I kid. I guess it all depends on the round. With 45acp I have tried some variations with Unique and Bullseye. I could not tell accuracy differences between any of them but then again I am not a seasoned shooter like some. At my skill level I call it good if I can hit a clay sized target at 15-20 yards. For 223 I like to keep my load as light as possible so I am not stretching my case necks out too much. I have noticed that military rounds I have purchased require more trimming hence shorting the life of the brass. I call it good if I can shoot an actual clay at 100 yards.

With all that said right now I am just trying to become more efficient with my weapon systems and not shooting for long range accuracy. Most of my loads are for paper/clays at 20-100 yards.
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