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Anyone own the RCBS hand priming tool? Is is good. Perform pretty flawlessly?

I used the Lee tool for many, many years. It worked okay, but it was unsafe with Federal Primers. People had kabooms.

When I went progressive (RCBS Pro 2000) I was introduced to their new APS strip priming system, which uses CCI primers pre-mounted into APS strips. After 40 years of using tubes and Lee's hand primer products, its a great improvement in safety and speed.

So it was natural that I bought RCBS's APS handprimer for those jobs not set up for progressive uses the same it boasts a universal shell holder that works well for most calibers.

I like it a and never runs out of primers, as you just keep feeding strips. I did a review of this tool HERE.

Even if you don't wish to use APS, the review still describes the Universal Shell holder of the primer tray version. I haven't heard any negatives from people using the square-tray version of the RCBS universal tool. Most people love it.

BTW, also loves this tool. Their review is HERE.

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