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T3Tikka, just do what a couple of people have suggested and partial resize your cases. The Nosler reloading book has a nice outline of how to do it (at least my older version of the book has the outline). The basic adjustment, if you have standard dies, is to back out the die to the point where there's a 1/16 inch gap between the top of the shell holder and the bottom of the die. It isn't complicated to do, and the brass will last longer. I only full length resize the very first time I load a case, and then partial resize from then on. And one more thing that I THINK I've noticed, is that I don't get very best accuracy till the 3rd loading (2nd partial resize). That might be crazy, and I have no proof, and some of the serious reloaders might call me to task on that, but that is how it appears to me.
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