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We still don't know who authorized the project. Now think about this. It is now at least 3 months since Issa asked for documents; six months since Grassley asked for the same. And DOJ still cannot identify who authorized the mission?
WE don't know, but I am sure DOJ and higher-ups know. They CAN'T tell us and admit all these sterling people are not just idiots but liars and up to their eyeballs in illegal acts relating to providing firearms to criminals, without considering the collateral goal of creating a situation to justify stricter gun controls (the "Reichstag fire gambit" of making emergency law).

Holder, Napolitano, Obama and major staffers, Melson, Traver and more had to be either giving orders or getting information. A supervisor venal enough to be "giddy" at finding walked guns at crime scenes is not going to keep this to himself but will want kudos from above.

Just when I think the bar cannot go any lower, some one of Obama's boyos finds a way to dive deeper into the cesspool. A never-ending story...:barf:
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