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In my .40S&W I loaded my first rounds ever a few weeks back and did 30 of 4.2gr, 4.4gr, 4.6gr, and 10 of 4.7gr which was the max for the powder I used. I didn't want to load a small amount because of the chance of user error. I know I can be off a bit and with only 5 or 10 rounds that may sway my decision as to what is working and what’s not. After the first range trip I noticed the 4.4gr and 4.6gr worked great. So my second round I loaded 25 each of 4.4gr, 4.5gr, and 4.6gr and from there I will pick which is best. I'm going to shoot those this weekend and my guess is it will be 4.5gr. Even better is every now and then my dispenser is off by .1gr so I don't have to worry about seeing a mass difference in performance if it isn't exactly right. Hope this helps.
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