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Test Firing Your New Loads

So I'm still very new to all of this but I've been doing as much as I can to learn. I've read Modern Reloading and the ABC's of Reloading and I've spent countless hours sifting through these forums but I really feel like I get more out of asking questions and getting responses. If there have already been posts about this I apologize for the repitition but when I searched it I came up empty.

So last night I completed my final product for the first time:

.40 S&W
Remington Brass
CCI Primers
Alliant Power Pistol
155 Grain RNFP Lead Bullets

Now that I've finally reached the end of the reloading process I plan to make 15 rounds of every different variation of amounts of powder and then test fire them all to see which works best for me. I was just wondering what would be the most effective way to test fire my rounds to get the most out of it and have an easier time deciding which to go with?
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