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First off, how common is it for amateur/newbie guys to shoot both a revolver and a semi in 1 competition?

Second, are there any tips or advice for managing the transition between the 2? Say I'm shooting my CZ on one stage and then need to go shoot a stage with my revolver and back and forth, how much of a detriment is that transition? Will I run into any issues, rules wise or maybe event wise that would prevent me from shooting both in the same match?

Finally, what about other competitions besides IDPA, like USPSA? Is there any advantage to a new competitor to shoot in multiple organizations, or should I just focus on one at a time?

I'm going to get involved in IDPA locally and would like to get a revolver to shoot along side my CZ. I'm leaning towards IDPA because it's more concealed carry oriented and will hopefully help keep my initial costs for gear and ammo down, especially since I don't reload for pistols at the moment.
The only competition shooting that will allow multiple guns is Steel Challenge.
IDPA and USPSA do not allow multiple guns in the same match unless you are at, and shooting the classifiers. If your handgun should fail during a match you can use a backup gun of the same caliber and type of function. Different model Glock or a Beretta 92 and a PX4 both Berettas DA/SA and of the same caliber. You could look at the rule books here, and and
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