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Just for fun...

Jan 27, 2011: Senator Grassley asks ATF for a briefing on Project Gunrunner by Feb 3.
Jan 31, 2011: Grassley writes Melson (ATF) and Holder regarding potential whistleblower intimidation.
Feb 04, 2011: Asst. U.S. AG Weich denies guns were ever let "walk" from ATF.
Feb 09, 2011: Grassley letter to Holder, complaining of delays and denials. No briefing.
Feb 16, 2011: Grassley to Holder: ATF briefing inadequate and briefers could not answer specific questions. Grassley demands certain specific records from DOJ.
Feb 23, 2011: CBS News is the first TV News org to "break" the story to the public.
Mar 03, 2011: Grassley to Holder: Where are the documents? And DOJ denials "don't hold water".
Mar 03, 2011: CBS News Airs 2nd segment on Gunwalker scandal

Mar 04, 2011: Rush Limbaugh picks up the story, airs to 20M listeners
Mar 05, 2011: All key ATF-Phoenix players summoned to D.C. for Monday meeting (Mar 7th)
Mar 06, 2011: Mexico officially requests information on Fast & Furious
Mar 08, 2011: Grassley asks for an independent investigator for Project Gunrunner
Mar 08, 2011: CBS airs 3rd segment with ATF agents commenting.

Mar 09, 2011: Napolitano denies knowledge of Gunrunner to Senate Judiciary Committee
Mar 10, 2011: Holder to House Judiciary Committee - allowing guns to fall into criminal hands is wrong.
Mar 19, 2011: House Oversight Chairman Issa demands documents from DOJ/ATF
Mar 29, 2011: Issa asks Sec.State Clinton why State has not provided documents to Grassley.
Mar 31, 2011: Issa issues House subpoenas to ATF's Melson to appear and provide documents by Apr 13th.
Apr 02, 2011: Wall St. Journal and Washington Times begin reporting.
Apr 20, 2011: Issa to ATF's Melson, threatens to initiate contempt of Congress charges.
May 03, 2011: Holder before House Oversight committe says he only heard about Project Gunrunner "a few weeks ago" in the media and denies ATF had anything to do with CBP Agent Brian Terry's death.

Looking at this, Holder is either clearly lying or totally incompetent. Doesn't a letter from a Congressman deserve his personal attention? If so, he can't claim he first heard about this in "the media". If not, he has more serious problems than just this scandal.

We still don't have a definitive answer if either of the AK's found near Agent Terry were acutally fired and/or if either weapon killed him. No report has been issued from ATF/FBI/DHS.

We still don't know who authorized the project. Now think about this. It is now at least 3 months since Issa asked for documents; six months since Grassley asked for the same. And DOJ still cannot identify who authorized the mission? Helloooo? The U.S. Navy Seals dropped in, located, killed Osama Bin Laden, positively identified his body and gave it burial at sea all within 24 hours! And DOJ can't figure out who approved or authorized Fast & Furious in an agency full of CYA lawyers?

You don't need a Ph.D to smell something rotten in DOJ and it's not the fish from Denmark.
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