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Mold Mod

Well, I FINALLY got around to modifying my Lee 93gr. mold for my .32 Auto. It really ran nice, but was a serious pain in the back-side to load due to how deep the bullet had to be seated to chamber correctly. It typically caused a bulge that had to be ironed out prior to the crimp. This is usually a bad idea because it swagges down the base and typically causes gas jetting--never seemed to be an issue with such a low pressure load, but it was irritating taking extra steps. SO... I shaved the mold to the base lube groove, opened up the groove, and slightly shouldered the remaining groove. Instead of the previous 94gr as dropped at .540 length, I finished with 80gr at .457 length. Seating is now smooth as it should be, and the darn thing even tightened up the groups! Shoulda gotten around to this a long time ago!

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