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Oh yeah, I understand the commodities prices going up. What I can't figure out is why Remington and Winchester went up in price so much relative to the "better" manufacturers.
I do wonder how fast the bullet companies turn over their inventory? I had assumed that Remington and Winchester were huge compared to Hornady/Sierra/Nosler/Speer,etc,and that they turned over much faster than the better quality bullet manufacturers. In a rising commodities price market, the faster turnover vendors would have to raise prices faster. That said, I would think that would make Rem-chester bullet sales screech to a halt. Who's going to buy Core-lokts when you can get ProHunters and Interlocks for the same price or even less?

As for cases...well, that's why most people like military cartridges.
There's very little that I can't accomplish with only a .223 and .308 shooting cheap LC brass. I have enough of that to last until I'm an old man.
Anything else, and it's time to break out the old annealing equipment.
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