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yay! Another buckshot -vs- birshot thread!

I agree 100% with Bartholomew Roberts

Originally Posted by Nnobby45
What's the point? Everyone knows that birdshot is lethal before it has a chance to spread out, especially if it hasn't left the shot cup yet. Similar to shooting a single projectile, though penetration would still be considerably less than a slug----but apparantly enough for cows
Correction. Potentially lethal.

Originally Posted by hardworker
Birdshot is deadly at close range. When it spreads out it loses steam quickly. At HD ranges, and with a reasonable choke, a hi brass 6 will do some damage. At HD ranges it'll still be a slug.
Nonsense. I'm not a fan of blanket statements. There's something called sectional density. Birdshot, because of its small size, does not have the mass and sectional density to penetrate deeply enough to reliably reach and damage critical blood distribution organs. Further, birdshot pellets does not act like a single projectile similar to a slug. That assumption is incorrect. Birdshot is potentially deadly or lethal at close range. Don't kid yourselves about its effectiveness.

You choose ammunition based on a worst-case scenario, not the best. You prepare for a worst-case scenario, not the best. That's why you should choose a load that will put the maximum advantage in your corner. If you knew that there is a person in a room behind the bad guy and you're only separated by drywall, would you really risk taking a shot and rely solely on the birdshot to not hurt or kill someone in case of a miss?

With birdshot you are wise to keep in mind that your gunfire has the potential to not produce an effective wound. Do not expect birdshot to have any decisive effect. Use buckshot and make the first shot count. It will also keep the amount of collateral damages to a minimum.
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