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jeep2, I do not have a problem with the neck sizer die, there is more than a good chance I have more neck sizer dies than any reloader offering advise on any form, and I know I have more case forming dies, at the risk of not being understood, again, it is not the neck sizer die with the problem, the problem lies with the person giving advise, it is mindless to advise another reloader to go straight from full length sizing to neck sizing, again, there are 16 different length cases available to me with the versatile full length sizer die, I get all the use out of a tool possible.

You are correct, a friend built a 7mm Gibbs/Ackley type rifle, he made the reamer then discovered he did not have dies. Long story, anyhow, I set him up with a neck sizer (only) with a 7 Remington Mag die and a seater die, also a 7 Remington Mag die,

My favorite 30/06 neck sizer die is the 308 Norma full length sizer die, when forming and or neck sizing the 308 W has it's advantages, but, the reloader must shake the image of being opinionated, those with tunnel vision miss out on all the stuff available on the wide screen, there is something about being tunnel blind and condensing that leads me to believe they are related.

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