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Newbie in need of help. 45 acp 230gr lrn

hey guys, I'am new to reloading, and after much thought I decided on the Lee Classic loader for a first set up(as cost was a factor). I know that this is'nt probley the best route that i should have taken, but i did'nt want to have a ton of money tied up in something that I may have not liked.. Well I LOVE it. I've read several manual and have tried to take what I learned from them an apply it to the Classic loader. For components I'm using WLP, Imr SR7625, Sutten's Choice 230gr LRN, and mixed once fired brass. i have worked up to a charge that feels good and functions great. the problem I'm having is that i just cant seemed to get an accuracy from my reloads. I do know that the Classic does'nt allow me to expand, or crimp. I do get an ever so slight bit of shaving when seating the bullet. I guess my question is, Is there anything I can do with the setup I have to product more accurate ammo?? Hope someone can help besides telling me to get a press. Thanks in advance.

5.8gr Imr SR-7625
230gr LRN Sutten's Choice
1.270" o.a.l.

Win Brass
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