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".....that you do some neck sizing before you Pooh Pooh the practice......"

I am all for the reloader knowing everything there is to know about the equipment they are using, I am not a fan of recommending a new tool before they learn to use the old one. Some of this stuff sounds like it is being repeated from something read on the Internet, or, posted by lazy responders that do not have enough pride in their effort to provide detail. As with the Lee colet sizer die, it always goes something like "You just gotta have one" and that is it, I could have one and not be aware of it, me? I use my dies in ways that never cause me to wonder "Is there a better die" If there was I could not stand it. BUT, I am the fan of the running start, I back my bullets off the lands, I want my bullets to have the running start, there again when advising the opposite, the lazy responders omits all the details.

Oneoldsap, It is not the die with the problem, it is the reloader on the forms with the problem, I am a fan of methods and techniques and getting all the use out of each tool possible, the standard as demonstrated with this thread, to most reloaders there is nothing between full length sizing and neck sizing, it is always the same, and again how is it possible to fire a case to fire form? then neck size it 5 times then full length size the 6 time fired case to start over? THE CASE HAS BEEN FIRED 6 TIMES, and If a friend needed a FL die set, forming die, neck sizer die etc., and could not wait for one to be delivered or wanted needed a special die for a short run they would call and be surprised if I did not have it.

Jeep2, you are correct, reloaders are too opinionated, my favorite forming die is the 308 W, my favorite 30/06 neck sizer die is the 308 Norma Mag full length sizer die, not a problem but it would take 2 gigs of space to explain that, I am not tunnel blind.

A friend built a 7mm Wildcat, something like a cross between a Gibbs and Ackley Improved, we neck sized his cases with a 7 Remington Mag sizer and seated bullets with the 7MM Remington Mag seater die.

And then there are the colet dies,

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