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I can't buy that the ATF is quite stupid enough to think that such a hair-brained plan would work the way they said it was supposed to.
The problem with these people are they think they are smart enough to work the system.

We have guns bought in the USA turning up at crime scenes in Mexico. It has to be because of our lax gun laws. We need to tighten the gun laws.

No, we need to ATF to do their job, as it is CURRENTLY prescribed. I may not like all the laws, but when the agency that is supposed to enforce them, breaks the rules, how the heck am I supposed to be confident that I can play by the rules.

I wonder if Mellons resignation will end it all, or if they will get someone from the DOJ also? Hopefully, if they can get these guys indicted, one of them will start singing and bring down the whole house of cards.
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