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The Washington Post says that Congress was briefed on the operation, but did that briefing include the part about letting the guns walk? That was what was new in the program, and the Post suggests that ATF told Congress, but not the administration or DOJ. Hmmm....

Justice Department officials have said the operation was approved by ATF’s Phoenix field office and the U.S. attorney’s office in Phoenix. The department’s inspector general is investigating allegations that Justice and ATF allowed nearly 2,500 guns to flow illegally into Mexico as part of the program.
So the US attorney and ATF field office out in Phoenix were busy making US foreign policy with Mexico, but were not consulting their superiors back in Washington? Uh huh. Not credible.

For nearly a year, agents tracked guns they suspected might end up in the hands of Mexican cartels. But several ATF agents testified before Issa’s committee last week that they were ordered not to stop people they suspected had illegal guns.
I thought the whole problem here was that they did NOT track the guns, and that is why we do not know where most of them are today. According to Congressional testimony, they allowed the straw sales, recorded the serial numbers, then waited for the guns to turn up at crime scenes. That is not "tracking" the guns if you ask me.
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