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A friend has used the 9mm shotshells in a SIg with interesting results. Squirrel, 20yds, several shots (that gun cycles them), and with each shot, the squirrel changed direction, like a shooting gallery target. Highly "motivated" squirrel left the vicinity.

Cat, 40yds (!) and one round was a laser death ray, really surprising my friend, and most certainly the cat!

I have some shot shells for .22 and .38, but have not had occassion to use them. I have shot .410 (Contender), and it does good for rats.

Here in NY state all snakes are protected.
Wow, I thought only the ones with political connections were protected!

Seriously, I wonder when that happened. When I was a lad in northern NY (45+years ago) they weren't protected. Depressingly, they had removed the $5 bounty from rattlesnakes before I was big enough to collect. Still, any rattlesnake was fair game, anytime, back in those days.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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