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.44 double action first model Russian or frontier champered 44-40

as quoted by JIM.

"So, there's two possibilities.
1.) It's a .44 Double Action First Model chambered in .44 Russian. SN's ran from 1 in 1881 to 54668 in 1913. For your 4 digit SN the Cylinder length will be 1 and 7/16.

2.) It's a .44 Double Action Frontier chambered in 44-40 Winchester. SN's ran from 1 in 1886 to 15340 in 1913. Cylinder length will be 1 and 9/16 to accommodate the longer cartridge."

Thanks for the Help JIM. Is there anything I can give you to deterimine which of these 2 it is? I notice the site point is different then normal too. I posted a few more pics too. The barrel is 6 inches in length. I also tried to show a pic of the serial number which was inside the gun, which matched the outside handle of gun, but I dont think it was very clear. In person, it shows 5488. I also measured the Cyliner length and I believe it to be 1 and 9/16. One mark past 1.5 inches. Hope Im correct.

Thanks again for the support.

Does this gun have any significant value? Should I have it cleaned up?


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