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I'm curious because if it is worth much more that the $175 I paid for it
4 screw with little wear, it's worth at least double to maybe triple that.
Can you let me know how you come to the conclussion that it is a .38?
Well, because at first glance I thought it was a 5 shot and too big for a .32.....
However.... after enlarging and looking much closer at the 1st picture I can see it's a 6 shot and therefore a large frame.
So, there's two possibilities.
1.) It's a .44 Double Action First Model chambered in .44 Russian. SN's ran from 1 in 1881 to 54668 in 1913. For your 4 digit SN the Cylinder length will be 1 and 7/16.

2.) It's a .44 Double Action Frontier chambered in 44-40 Winchester. SN's ran from 1 in 1886 to 15340 in 1913. Cylinder length will be 1 and 9/16 to accommodate the longer cartridge.


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