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rifle bullet prices-odd

I was shopping bullet prices today, as my stock is getting lower, and noticed something odd.

I was surprised to see how much Remington Corelokt and Winchester power-points have gone up in price, and how little the prices have changed for offerings for Hornady, Sierra, Speer, etc.

My last boxes of .308" 150 and 165gr CoreLokts ran about $10-12 per 100, back when Hornady or Sierra's in equal weight ran $17-20. Now the old Corelokts are about $26 per 100, while a superior Hornady/Sierra spire point or boattail is only about $21-25.

My only conclusions here are that:
A. Hornady and Sierra must take a long time to roll over inventory made and sold to retailers at lower cost.
B. Remington and Winchester must have such fast inventory turnover that price increases hit them first.
C. Remington and Winchester have sprinkled magical "1 MOA or less" fairy dust on their previously ho-hum bullet offerings to make them somehow more valuable than Sierras Gamekings.
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