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Originally posted by Tom Servo
A scandal can be very valuable politically and we're not all that far away from the 2012 election.
I wish I shared your optimism, but memories are very short. I had a guy shouting at me the other day about how "they" were going to take his guns any day now, and that we never should have elected the current President.

When I asked him who he voted for, he said, "the other guy." OK, which "other guy?" He couldn't remember who ran on the Republican ticket less than three years ago.

As such, it would be quite a stretch for him to remember (for him) a minor political scandal that never made the evening news. Heck, he probably won't even get off the couch long enough to go vote.

They are trying to brush this under the rug by firing Melson. This whole situation has probably reached its apex for media exposure. Barring any sudden, drastic revelations, I really don't see it getting much traction in terms of Joe Sixpack's perception.

I hope I'm wrong.
So long as Grassley and Issa keep fighting the stonewalling, I think they could probably drag it out until the next election if they want to. I agree that if the whole thing was over with tomorrow, it may very well fade from public memory by next November. If this thing kept going and really intensified in September or October of 2012, I think it could be political gold for the Republicans. Things like this often take a while and I think that the timing of this reflects that. Remember, the Lewinski sex scandal dragged on from January of 1998 until February of 1999 and Watergate went on from June of 1972 until August of 1974.
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