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We should be demanding more than a shuffling of the deck.

Tom Servo wrote:

True, but know which members can make a difference. Traver's being groomed for a position as acting director, which does not require confirmation through the Senate Judiciary Committee.

These are the guys who control the actual budget, and who can put real pressure on the ATF. Of course, a quick glance at the roster shows why the ATF continues to enjoy budget increases year by year.

Excellent point, Tom. An acting director would mean that the administration successfully circumvented the confirmation process and got another one of their operatives in position. Traver is bad news!

As to your second point about de-funding the ATF, I would say that is most important at this time. However, as you rightly observe, looking at that list is downright depressing! Every single Democrat is a known anti-gun zealot and the members from the other team, the Dead Elephant Party, are not much better....RINO's all of them.

I still say there should be a lot of political hay to made from this scandal and Holder should be next on the chopping block. If it drags on long enough, as I expect that may be part of the strategy now, the Obamamessiah is going to have a hard go of getting away from this mess....and that is a good thing.
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