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Originally posted by alan
Concerning the foregoing, might I point out the following. The AFT, and it's criminal antics have been ongoing through administrations both Democratic as well as Republican.

Under either of the above, have ANY of the ridiculous federal gun laws been repealed? The answer is NO, none have been so treated. Matter fact, members of congress have, on an ongoing basis, bent over backwards to defend the ATF, notwithstanding its' antics, the nature of which are criminal, in my view. As I said in a recent, lengthy post, all manner of garbage has accumulated in the closet where legislation is found. A wholesale house cleaning, especially re firearms, is very long overdue, yet from the congress, that is the very last thing that one might reasonably expect, judging from the historical performance of The Congress, either Democratic or Republican controlled.
I may be mistaken, but it is my understanding that while Fast and Furious had its origins in 2007, the straw purchasers were stopped and arrested and the guns confiscated when they tried to cross the border until the Obama administration took over in 2009.

Honestly, I think you're kind of missing my point. Even if Grassley and Issa don't give a hoot about the 2A rights of you and me, the potential damage that this scandal could have for the Democratic party is, IMHO, too valuable for them to let it get swept under the rug.

Will this whole ordeal strip away the overly broad regulatory powers that the ATF has been given unconstitutionally? I doubt it, that's probably something that we'll have to do through the courts. However, I do think that this whole thing may help us get rid of some rotten eggs so to speak.

This business of moving ATF responsibility for firearms enforcement to some other agency, AFT personnel too, would be tantamount to "mixing dirty water with clean water", action that creates more dirty water, it has been noted. Respecting moving ATF duties to the FBI, the following question comes to mind, and by the way, this question must be answered. Is the FBI all that clean? I doubt it, but I could be wrong. While the ATF is problematic, this coming from the antics and attitudes of its' management, in some cases, the individual agent is no damned good,the real problem, in my view, lies in and with the really abhorrent nature of the legislation it enforces, this Viorginia falling under the purview of The Congress.
Herein lies the problem, the ATF isn't going to just go away. There will always be some federal gun laws and someone is going to enforce it. While I agree that the FBI is far from perfect, I do think that they're a lot better than the ATF is. As I said before, I think that because the FBI has a wider range of responsibilities, they're less likely to engage in the antics of the ATF simply because they've got better things to do. I think that part of the reason that the ATF so aggressively pursues so much of what they do is because they're trying to justify their own existence. It's difficult to get funding if you're not doing much (which the ATF probably wouldn't if they didn't spend so much time trying to turn people into criminals), so you manufacture something to justify the funding. I just don't foresee this being as big a problem with the FBI.
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