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Approximate Value S&W Centennial Model

I'm trying to get an approximate value on a S&W Centennial Model (pre-model 40) in 38 SPL. Manufactured between 1952 and 1957. It has 4 screws on the side plate which I'm told means it was manufactured prior to 1956. The serial number is 1688, so it's probably an early model of the 30160 Centennials made. It has the original safety lever lock down pin. The revolver is in good condition with no pitting and very little wear showing. The only wear being a little bluing wear on the end of the barrell.

Does anyone have a ball park figure as to what this revolver is worth. I'm curious because if it is worth much more that the $175 I paid for it I won't be making any changes to it.

Thanks for any help I might get, Skip
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