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GT, all new brass should be FL sized before loading. It makes the mouth of the case round, allows a good chamfer to be put on the inside of the mouth. This is what caused your collapsed neck.

The solution for you is to back the decapper/inside sizer stem UP so it does not push the primer out. This will size the case and expand the mouth. THEN chamfer the inside of the mouth so the bullet will enter the neck without catching on the mouth. On lee and Hornady dies, you have to loosen the collet on the top of the die to back out the decapper stem. On others, it's a lock nut that holds it in position, just screw it back up about ½ inch.

Yes, you CAN re-use decapped live primers. I've done it countless times IF they were installed correctly to start with. And to those scared of doing it, they don't explode if done gently. Safety glasses are a must when loading anyway.
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