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Standard Catalogue of Firearms sez,,,

Model 45 (Post Office)
This model is a special purpose K-frame Military & Police Model
chambered for the .22 rimfire. It was designed as a training revolver
for police departments and the U.S. Postal Service. This
model was manufactured in limited quantities between 1948 and
1957. In 1963 production abruptly began and ended again. There
were 500 of these revolvers released on a commercial basis, but
they are rarely encountered.
NIB Exc. V.G. Good Fair Poor
1250 800 650 450 300 100
I read somewhere that the initial production for the post Office was 2,000 guns,,,
And that after that there were approximately 4,000 more made for various organizations.

All I know is that they don't come up for sale very often,,,
Last one I heard of was about a year ago,,,
It went in auction for $2,300.00.

Best substitute I can do is a Model 18 Combat Masterpiece,,,
Like a Model 45 but with adjustable rear sights,,,
And a combat style ramp front sight.

Okay, okay,,, it's only similarity is that it's a K-frame in .22 LR.

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