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If the S really does HTF, I got more things to worry about than enough reloading components. Odds are tho, that long before TSHTF, tree huggers will make lead bullets a thing of the past......just like lead WWs, lead pipe and 50/50 solder. Hopefully, when that happens, I will still have the option to work a side job to buy non-toxic bullets.
So you're saying the EPA gestapo police will go door-to-door confiscating all my lead? Or some sort of federal police will stop cars on the highway, checking to see if I may be heading to the range with illegal boolits?

Is the common public going to put up with those kind restrictions without some kind of civil war? TSHTF scenarios can take a lot of different courses. Right now, we're headed for economic crisis. If we don't deal with the national dept, the Chinese will!

Signs of unrest have already started. Look at what happened in Madison lately. Governor Walker had to balance the budget, so he took away bargaining rights from teachers.
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They're going to get their butts kicked over there this election. How come people can't spell and use words correctly?
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