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Well, it is finally starting to hit mainstream media now - they discussed it on "Morning Joe" of all things. Of course, information-wise, they are about 6 months behind the internet; but I'm starting to see several news organizations actually question the law enforcement angle.

If I were AG Holder, I'd be stacking bodies underneath that bus and looking to throw DHS under there as well to get that attention focused on another Department that has some culpability. I think it is telling that until now the White House response has been "Neither the President nor Holder knew about or authorized the operation" and the latest response was "The President did not know or authorize the operation."

And unlike those who don't think this will go anywhere, I think it has some potential to go far. If it doesn't end up going somewhere it will be because itwas used as leverage in a backroom deal between Republicans and the White House.
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