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Just a last thought on buying a box of bullets

With the price of the box of ammo, one should be adding in the cost driving to and from the gun shop/"Wallieworld" and the range(s). At $3.60 - $3.90 a gal that is an expense worthy to consider.

Anyway you place this discussion. One reloads to achieve a specific load best for one's weapon and to improve personal accuracy. A second are the costs that in the long run cheaper than buying factory ammo.

I have "retired" (I'm 69 and in better than most in health in their 40s) from my other cash draining hobby (and my most favorite) of pro side bass fishing. I "retired" not because of age and aches but of overwhelming expenses. Now I shoot and drive 10 miles to my range and 35 miles to shoot in competition. To fish, I drive 90 - 130 miles just to launch my bass boat for practice or competition.
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