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Maybe 9 357 magnums is an over statement , but go to the box 'o truth link and see how many 5/8 thick pieces of sheetrock they went through. As far as hearsay on the 2 deer. I saw that with my own eyes. Picked out a bunch of the shot myself. So to me it's gospel and i know there will be skeptics out there. I have also peppered a few animals with birdshot (at a distance) and watched them run. As I said the kind of load makes a big difference.

hmm--maybe a little homemade ballistics gel could tell a story here? I love ballistics and reloading. Wonder what a 1290fps 7/8oz game load would do versus a 1250 1-1/2oz load. I'm starting to suspect it was the weight and the larger concetration of shot that made the difference.
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