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Count your time or not count your time?

Originally Posted by Edward429451
If you have to drive a few different places for just the right present for your Wife do you charge time to the task and deduct running cost from the price of the gift?
No, that would be wrong. You have to ADD the running cost to the price of the gift.

However, if you select a gift and have a buying service pick it up wrapped, the running time is included in their pricing. Added in, not deducted.

Accounting-wise, including the dollar value of your time is the correct way to calculate the cost of your ammunition. But it is hard to put a figure on your free time. Harder still to put a figure on the value of the joy you get from shooting your own ammo. (How much more do you value each hole in the target produced by your handloads than factory loads? A penny apiece? A dime?

Accountants and Economists are always at odds with each other largely because of the philosophical difference over how to compare various goods. Accountants require dollar values. Economists take what they can get and do the best they can. It is largely a philosophical difference. Count you time as a cost, don't count your time. I do it both ways, out of curiosity more than to decide to load or not to load.

If you want to make a reasonable and meaningful comparison, you really have to use the same frame of reference and criteria as your audience.

Let those of us with clear thinking not make the same mistake made in the original post.

Lost Sheep

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