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LNL Case Feeder Issue

I'm having an issue with my LNL case feeder (less than a year old) that Hornady has not been able to solve. They have sent me new parts on 2 different occasions, but the problem recurs after a few hundred cycles.

The problem is the pivot that moves back and forth to drop the brass down the tube onto the sub-plate is making contact with the pivot base that it rides on, and the metal to metal contact raises a burr and eventually (200-300 rounds) brings the pivoting to a halt. I can remove the pivot and polish the burrs from both parts and go for another couple hundred rounds before the burrs come back and the pivot stops. I would describe this burring/galling much like what you would see if 300 series stainless steel rotating parts made contact, if any of you are familiar with that. As you can imagine, this severely slows down my production rate to a point where I might as well feed the cases by hand.

Has anyone experienced this same problem, and more importantly, has anyone found a solution?

Hopefully I've described this well enough that users of the LNL case feeder will know what I'm referring to.

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