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......... When you are in your house and shooting 00 buck you are basically shooting the equivilent of nine 357 magnums in your house or apartment if using a 2-3/4" shell
No, I don't think so.

Each 00 pellet weights 55 grs. and travels @ 1150fps in low recoil tactical buck, or about 1350 fps in standard loads.

That doesn't begin to approach the power of, say, a 125gr. bullet @ around 1400 fps--and more in longer bbl. lengths.

Individual 00 buck pellets have considerably less penetrating power than any pistol one might keep in the home for SD.

For those wishing to have a home defensive weapon that that limits it's effectiveness to 10' and may not penetrate the couch Bubba is using for cover even within that range, then birdshot is the choice for you.

I can live with your choice. Hope you can.
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