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buck460XVR, so do you charge your self for the time spent reloading?
No I don't Troy....I just said my time is worth something. I also said that for ME it makes more sense and works out better economically to do it my way.

it seems like that the people with more time than cash are able to get the nearly free lead that is so "impossible" to get.
Again Troy, if you have the time, have the access to it and enjoy doing it, I'm not saying it isn't possible, nor am I trashing or feel the need to condescend anyone else for doing it.
What I am saying is not everybody has the access to free lead, even if they have the time. As I said before, I once had a good source of free lead. Still have some out in the garage.

I have to drive by the tire shops where I get my free lead on my way home. It takes me 5 to 10 minutes to stop and pick up a 140 pound bucket of WW's.
You're lucky then Crusty, but I doubt that everyone that reloads has the same luck. This is all I'm saying. Yes, it's possible for some to get lead for nuttin', so it is possible to reload for $2.50 a box, but giving folks the idea that deals like yours are at every corner is not the case. The same dealer here that sells WWs also buys them from all the shops in town. He pays them around $.50 a pound. Whoever is in the tire shop giving you your free lead is taking $70 outta his own pocket every time he gives you that 140 pound bucket. In today's economy, Tire shops around here ain't that generous.....even to old friends.

What's gonna happen to guys like you when TSHTF? Not if but when. One of the first things that will disappear will be factory ammo. I have enough components to load 5,000 rounds for all my guns combined.
First off, I don't shoot much factory ammo, and I have around 12,000 bullets in various calibers myself. Got enough powder and primers to go with it. If the S really does HTF, I got more things to worry about than enough reloading components. Odds are tho, that long before TSHTF, tree huggers will make lead bullets a thing of the past......just like lead WWs, lead pipe and 50/50 solder. Hopefully, when that happens, I will still have the option to work a side job to buy non-toxic bullets.

You folks are jumping on me like stink on manure because you think I am saying you can't get free lead. I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying not everyone has that option and folks that tell new reloaders that they too can find an easy supply of free lead is not always an accurate statement. Snuffy's free lead cost him a lot of time and effort. I give him credit for having the gumption to do it. Me, I take the easy way out and do something I enjoy to make enough monies to do other things I enjoy.......and I enjoy other things other than just shooting.

Reloading is great hobby and provides me with benefits beyond the savings it provides. Even when I had a unlimited source of lead, I still bought a lot of commercial cast and jacketed bullets because I just didn't enjoy the smelting and casting process. Most of the casting I did was for my muzzle-loader. When my supply dried up and another could not be found, my side jobs were and still are a easy solution.....and basically, I too get my components for nuttin'.
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