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Thanks for welcoming aboard--been reading your threads for years--though i'd just start injecting some of my own..

Oh BTW--I have to disagree with the birdshot portion of the article--it being hear say. Like I said I had a friend who had killed 2 deer eating up his garden---called the game warden up and said to shoot them if they were distroying property. He did--he thought he'd loaded the gun with 00buck that he usually kept in it for self-defense but it still had #6 turkey loads in it from spring gobbler season. Dropped em both. When he told me I didn't believe him(even laughed) , until I helped him clean and quarter them. One was a good size doe. BTW this was a good 6 yards from his house. I don't know what the guy in the article got shot with, could have been a light 1100fps 1oz #6 game/target load. Being a reloader I know how much difference a couple 100fps makes on a light projectile. Just more food for thought.
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