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Information on a revolver SW model 3 (I think)

I believe this gun is a smith and wesson model 3 frontier double action...this is only my best guess...please see the pictures attached.

Im A NEWBEE here, so please forgive me if im in wrong place. I think I have a Smith and Wesson model 3 double action gun. My mother who passed away had it in a bag in a box that said, " This was my fathers Gun. He got it when I was 6 years old." Since my mother was born in 1933, I assume it was purchased in 1939 either new or used. Im coming to the conclussion it was definitly used from the dates on it, but I could be wrong.

The serial number on the handle shows 5488 and the same number shows on the inside of the gun under the latch. The handles seem to be made of hard rubber. Ive found similiar guns on line, but cant seem to find an exact match, which is driving me nuts. IT seems to work with the trigger button or the pull back trigger to fire, thus I assume it double action. The guns ive found online are either shorter on the barrel or have a different looking finger area. There are 2 lines on top of the barrel that read as best as I can see....

line #1 Smith & Wesson Spingfield MASS U.S.A PAt'D Jan 17 & 24 65
The 2nd line I have trouble seeing at end, but I think it says,
Line #2... July 11 65 Aug 24 69 July 25 71 Dec 2 70 May 11 & 25 1880

I would appreciate any infomation you could give me on this gun. Date made, Type of gun, etc. Ty in advance.


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