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On a bright note, it looks like the NY Post at least is starting to look at the evidence and reach the conclusion that this was likely more about generating support for policy than it was a law enforcement effort.

Hopefully more major media outlets will start doing some real journalism and ask how this program was supposed to aid law enforcement when the ATF had no way to surveil the weapons once they entered Mexico? I keep seeing news reports that repeat the stated goal of Gunwalker without ever questioning it.

Originally Posted by Tom Servo
He can't build much of a case when the people under investigation control the supply and quality of evidence.
Ah; but there is the rub - they don't control all the evidence or the investigation would never have gotten this far. Issa has something like 19 cooperating witnesses, including the Assistant SAIC at Phoenix. I'm hoping he is feeding out that evidence slowly and strategically withholding some of the key stuff to help evaluate what kind of cooperation DoJ is actually providing.

As for ATF going away, I don't see that happening. As problematic as ATF is, giving their responsibilities to another agency will just make that agency stronger and less responsive to Congress. Ultimately, one of the advantages of being regulated by ATF is that ATF is a weak agency with a history of incompetence so it is easier to challenge them when they are wrong. If we faced this same program being run by the Director of the FBI, that would be a much tougher fight I think.
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