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+1 on snuffy's pics.

Back in the early 90's when I reloaded a lot, a friend tried to get me into bullet casting. I decided against it due to the relatively low cost of swaged bullets such as the HBWC's I was using for my .38 Spl. - those always seemed like a bargain to me.

With regards to cost, I had determined that my .38 handloads were running me about $1.80 per 50, given that a) my handloading time was time that I enjoyed spending, b) I could get reloading components for wholesale w/ virtually no shipping fees, and c) my brass was very often free or close to it - there seems to be a lot more supply than demand for .38's and ~1% losses from rim cracks per cycle for the older ones means that 1000+ cases will last a very long time.

And with regards to the OP's post #1, I think that the other party stated that it essentially wasn't possible? I find scounging as well as handloading fun and that can change the equation, as others have shown here as well.
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