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Edward, I can figure out how scary that was . Where I live there's not such a problem since our vipers are small (seldom larger than 50 cm) and with mild venoms (still able to send you to ER, though). But if I lived in the US, I guess these cartridges and an appropiate gun to shoot'em would be in my gun locker, just in case. There are documented cases of snakes being actively aggresive towards humans. Some have strong territorial instincts. I have relatives in Colombia that told me they have a big problem with some particular species in the countryside, which they call "pudredora" (literally, "rotter") or "terciopelo" (velvet). The name of the species is "bothrops asper" and it looks like it has a liking for seeking for refuge inside houses, and lots of bites occur indoors. They are large, fast, and aggresive. That would make for one wearing boots and carrying a revolver on the couch at home. In the US, I read about cases of Bushmasters going berserk at people carrying torches at night. They have some thermal receptors on their noses, and the light causes them to go nuts.
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