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FWIW, when I think of "cover", I tend to think of vehicles, concrete building corners or similarly reinforced store fronts, heavy light posts, large concrete flower boxes, etc. The sort of things you might find at hand when out and about in the general public in an urban area. In more rural areas I think of other things, many of which can be more sparse in availability. Much of modern residential interior construction and furnishings make more for concealment than cover.

Lots of folks often seem to avoid as much as possible, or even dread, having to demonstrate they can shoot with their non-dominant hand (unless forced, like during quals). We all like to use our strongest, most coordinated and well-practiced hand for many tasks. No surprise.

There was a time in recent years when I was having to spend a lot of time helping many of our folks do better with their non-dominant hands for some quals drills. I decided at that time that I was going to spend the next several months shooting exclusively left-handed (being right-handed) for all range training & practice. I spent 5 months doing everything on every range left-handed. That naturally included shooting left-handed when shooting around both left & right side barricade/cover. It helped me a bit.
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