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about 22gr will give 100% case filling in the 223/5.56.

That's strange since 25 grains of H335 will only do 85% of case volume. A max load for IMR 4198 for that bullet is "20.4" grains for the 55 gr. Sfire and "20.4 grains" for the 55 gr. SPR SP. After the gunpowder settles in the case I would guess about 65% of case by volume. This if from the Hodgdon's 2011 Annual Manual for Reloading.


Actually IMR 4198 is a fairly bulky powder and about 22gr will give 100% case filling in the 223/5.56.
No it is not, it is about 3/4 the size of H-4895 and you do not get a compressed charge with H-4895 till you are OVER 26 grains.

I use both 4198s in my old 222. 20.0 grains with a 50 grain bullet of either will shoot one hole groups off the bags.
That is what it was designed for the 222 not the 223. If you want a faster buring powder than H-335 try IMR 8208 XBR it works extreemly well in the 223 Remingtion.
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