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Webleymkv quoted and wrote:

This scandal has put the agency on the ropes. Now is not the time to give up. Time to double down and make this congress, who claims an interest in cutting budgets, to de-fund the ATF. Put them out of business and I do mean out of business not consolidate them into some other alphabet soup agency.

You may very well be on to something. I can see a very good argument for simply transferring the responsibilities of the ATF to the FBI particularly when they're both part of the DOJ now. The FBI seem better equipped to handle such things and, as of late, seems to be able to more successfully and responsibly conduct an investigation than the ATF does. Also, it seems to me that the FBI has better things to do than try to turn law-abiding gun owners into criminals as the ATF seems to try as of late.
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This business of moving ATF responsibility for firearms enforcement to some other agency, AFT personnel too, would be tantamount to "mixing dirty water with clean water", action that creates more dirty water, it has been noted. Respecting moving ATF duties to the FBI, the following question comes to mind, and by the way, this question must be answered. Is the FBI all that clean? I doubt it, but I could be wrong. While the ATF is problematic, this coming from the antics and attitudes of its' management, in some cases, the individual agent is no damned good,the real problem, in my view, lies in and with the really abhorrent nature of the legislation it enforces, this Viorginia falling under the purview of The Congress.
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