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Waking up Ol' Blue

Shot up $44 worth of .45acp factory ammo in a brief practice session with my carry gun yesterday, my sorry perfomance indicated the need for more practice. LOTS more practice. A drunk monkey could have done better.
My Dillon progressive is one of the first 550's and it's been covered for over 10 years. Powder measure was damaged in the last move, everything was dirty and it was set up for .38's. It's "only" loaded about 120K .38's and maybe 10k .45's so it's got lots of life left in it.
I've spent most of the morning performing a "15 minute caliber change" but finding all the needed stuff, repairing the powder measure and cleaning up the bench and a few hundred cases has taken a bit of time as well.
After lunch (and the NASCAR race) I'm hoping I can find some bullets stashed away in my loading room, too damned windy to try out my new molds today.
It'll be fun to get ol' Blue up and running again. Hope I can remember how everything works.
Anybody else feeling the pinch and getting back into volume reloading? Other than the plated bullets and a few new powders I don't think much has changed. Tips? Suggestions?
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