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Al Norris wrote:
Tom, you're correct. Promoting someone from within the ATF to "acting director" status is not an appointment. Congressional approval is not needed.

You're also correct that this is an implicit admission of guilt. It may be enough to mollify the Congress, in which case, the "probe" will go no further.

Sacrifice made and accepted.


Correct me if I'm wrong here, or if I've misconstrued your position/statement however what I get from the the above is as follows. I believe that people here should think long and hard on this too.

The same old Dog and Pony Show will have been run, congress folds its' tents, quietly stealing away, perhaps to raise its' pay, the bureaucratic fiasco, the antics of BATFE, DOJ and perhaps Dept. of State too are all swept under that to often used carpet. Oh lest I forget, the Anti Gun Nuts get a big boost, all the while the interests and rights of the law abiding are still more damaged. "Change you can believe in" I suppose.
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