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Honestly? My plan is to keep all my guns until I get rid of them. (Sorry)

I buy guns that I like or that I might be able to use as trading stock for something else. But the ones I really like, I have no intentions of getting rid of them.

Last night while cleaning pistols my nephew asked me what was going to happen to my guns when I died. I told him they would be divided amongst my brother, his cousin and himself. He started in by saying "Well I want these ones here and they can have the others." In my will they each get to pick a gun, once they each pick a gun, they get to start over and pick another one, until they are all gone. The biggest caveat is that my wife will decide who picks and who picks first. So if any of them really get her mad, she can exclude them from the picking.
(He has been really nice towards his aunt.)
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