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Like everyone else has/will state(d), it is really up to you what you are really looking for in a working HD scattergun.

Winchesters are highly rated. The 500 and 870 are great pumps at a great cost. If you're going pump, it probably really doesn't matter. I'd stay away from companies like Charles Daly and the like myself as I think they shoot kind of rough (and look kind of stupid). I have a 500 myself with no added features (except rifle sites, which I love). I don't even have an extended mag tube on it.

It's a 12. It'll put anything down in six or less.

I think a pistol with a stock would be a great feature, but I only have a wood stock myself. I have a weird complex about firing ANYTHING from the hip so a strict pistol grip is out of the question on any long gun for me. Shooting a 12 is hard work as it is. I think I need the stock for recoil.
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