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Originally Posted by HappyMarlinGuyNow
Wow I was bumbed out. First day at range 46 rounds used, she jammed. Lucky me i carry a letherman. I took it apart to remove last bullet from mag so I could transport it home legally. Once home I reassembled it. Thought maybe I caused jam when cocking it the range master said empty guns and move away. I did not cleanly cock it and it jammed.
Forward 60 days. 6/16/20011 gun 2 months 1 day old. Have not shot it again yet. Well my brother in law came over and wanted to see it so while cleanly working the lever action to unload her. once again she jammed. That blows ha? Next day called gun shop in Vacaville Cali big one. no help was told by owner i should contact Marlin " we just sell them we don't warranty them". "or I can bring it in and they will see if they can get it back to Marlin. told around 3 week turn around. Looked at Marlins site and found gun dealer that warranties for Marlin in Sac... Cali 2 week or so turn around.
Well my nephew is in law inforcement, he told me to try to lube it and asked did I read my hand book, yes I did.
Not wanting to part with her by mail or any way. I lubed her up and while lubing and wiping I found 1 screw slightly loose. The lubing smoothed her out but she still dropped a bullet ( left in mag ). Then I tighted the screw and what a difference. The bullets pop back out of the mag and cleanly loads her. I am a mechanic of many years. I feel that was the problem and will test her soon. Note when she Jammed the bullet stayed in the mag, did not come out on the carrier!
If you have this problem put a screw driver on the screws first before you send it back. Make sure the screw driver fits the screws so you don't damage them.
Thank you to those of you who talked about the carrier on the forums I read before I worked on my own. You gave me more direction.
Thanks for a common sense, useful post.

There is such a thing as a Marlin Jam. And 99.99% of guys will never see it. I've put about 2500 rounds through my guide gun and have never had a jam - ever. Little over a thousand rounds through my 336 with nary a hickup - ever.

My guide gun is stainless and it will shoot the screws loose. The loading gate screw can mess things up if it comes loose - but be careful tightening as it is tiny. I've since used Loc-Tite Blue on everything except the lever bolt.

You can get a jam with ammo that is too long - something to remember with handloads. Not usually a problem with the 336, but with the 45-70, you can't go much past a 2.6" COL.

If you go to a M94 then you are doing a stupid. The 336 is a better design.
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